Si estudias inglés ya sabrás que get es un verbo que se usa muchísimo. Se puede utilizar en casi cada situación diaria informal.

Phrasal verbs: I get up at 7am.

Collocations: I get home about 5pm.

Adjectives: I get angry when people don´t listen.

Como sustituto de otro verbo: I bought her a present / I got her a present

En una expresión: She always gets her own way.

Por eso, vale la pena aprender cuál es su uso porque te puede sacar de muchos apuros en inglés.

Phrasal verbs:

What time do you get up?  (levantarse).

I get on with all my students (llevarse bien con).

It took me ages to get over the flu (recuperarse).

What´s the best way to get around Madrid? (moverse).

Most people can get by on their English (defenderse).


I got on the bus / train / plane and got off later (para el transporte público usamos get on / get off).

I got on the horse and rode away (para animals, bicis y motos usamos get on / get off).

We got in the taxi and got out in León (para un coche o taxi usamos get in / get out).

Get + adjective = “ponerse / llegar a ser

I get jealous when my boyfriend talks to other women (me pongo celosa).

I hate getting older (hacerse mayor).

She gets annoyed if you ignore he (se enfada).

The summers are getting hotter (se hacen más calurosos).

It´s finally getting cooler in the evenings (hace más fresco).

In the UK, it gets dark too early (se hace de noche).

I get hungry about 8.30 (me entra hambre).

My trainers are so old; I need to get rid of them (tirarlos).


To get the wrong end of the stick (no lo he entendido).

I thought you said 5pm! Sorry, I got the wrong end of the stick!

To get on your / someone’s nerves (sacar a uno de quicio / ponerse de los nervios).

That sitcom really gets on my nerves.

To get on like a house on fire (llevarse muy bien).

My colleagues and I get on like a house on fire.

To get your own way (salirse con la suya).

My little sister always gets her own way because she just starts crying.

To get out of bed on the wrong side (levantarse de mal humor).

My Mum is so moody this morning; she must have got out of bed on the wrong side.

To get something

I don’t get phrasal verbs (no entiendo).

What was that joke about? I don´t get it (no lo pillo).

Con sentido – “conseguir / recibir”

Muchas veces en vez de usar un verbo, se sustituye por get. Puedes seguir usando el verbo sin embargo es más coloquial usar get:

I got a new coat / I bought a new coat.

I got a job! / I was given a new job.

My mate got a kitten / My mate received a kitten.

We getting a new car soon / We’re buying a new car soon.

The charity gets a lot of money from donations / The charity receives a lot of money.

We´ve got permission to park here / We received permission.


When you get home / When you arrive home.

I get to Paris at 11am / I arrive in Paris at 11am.

¿Has visto? GET se usa para todo!  Intenta usarlo y sonarás más nativo.

Once you GET used to using it – you’ll never stop!   

(Una vez que te acostumbras a usarlo, no podrás dejarlo).